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B707 xanax bar 2mg by Breckenridge

CA$  200.00

  • B707 xanax bar 2mg by Breckenridge
  • B707 xanax bar 2mg by Breckenridge
  • B707 xanax bar 2mg by Breckenridge


Price : CA$  200.00
Type : Offering
Date : August 26, 2021
Location : Long Point Provincial Park, Erie Boulevard, Port Rowan, ON
Not only are doctor’s not prescribing Xanax like they used to ( in particular bars) , but patients are not paying for brand name Xanax when they can save hundreds of dollars at a time by choosing generic. This is why a red flag should go v up when someone approaches you with a ton of bars that say “Xanax” on them. It just doesn’t happen like it used to. What the people who press pills should be doing is pressing generic looking Xanax so their pitch is more believable.
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